What is your shipping policy?

Shipping costs are included in the price of the pen. All pens are shipped USPS First Class, domestic sales only. We do not ship outside the continental U,S. at this time.

Are your pens guaranteed?

I offer a lifetime warranty on your pen’s hardware and finish. If your pen’s hardware fails to operate or if the outer finish of your pen needs refurbished, simply send the pen back for servicing. Please send me an email to let me know your pen is coming back for service.

Limitations and Exclusions: Pens bodies and hardware are not warrantied against accidental or intentional drops that damage the hardware or pen body, or for misuse or mistreatment, or for extended exposure to extreme heat or cold. Do not store your pen in a place you would not sleep (like your hot car in the summer, or in sub-zero temperatures.

How do I order wholesale?

Wo do not offer wholesale orders at this time. All pens are artisan crafted and individually curated works. No two pens are alike and the materials used to construct each pen barrel is unique, which means we cannot offer bulk sales of specific pen designs.

Any other questions?

Have any other questions or concerns? Drop me an email.