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The right pen turns the everyday task of writing into a simple pleasure. Whether you're taking meeting notes or creating a novel, a quality pen helps make writing more effortless.

You'll also find yourself with pen in hand more often. And others will know this is your special pen, a unique pen you selected for it's quality and beauty. 

Will a handcrafted pen magically help you write better? Probably not. But you will write more, and as with all things in life, "practice makes perfect."


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Your unique pen is carefully designed with every detail in mind. We take the extra step of curating the finest materials for your custom pen, from the finest wood burls, exotic woods, M3 composite metal, acrylics, and custom-cast resins. These are paired with the highest quality hardware components in a variety of finishes.

"The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with."

— Marty Feldman

Custom rollerball pens.

It's about happiness...

I've always had a love of pens and over the years I've collected several fine writing instruments from popular makers, but non really hit all the marks for balance, weight, smooth writing, and distinctive presentation. A few years ago my wife signed us up for a pen turning class, and after a couple hours I knew I had the knack to make pens that rivaled anything on the market.

It's a small thing, really, but it makes me happy. And if you select one of my handcrafted pens, I hope you'll be as happy with your purchase as I was making it.

- Gray Craig